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De Gea wonder save, RVP skill and more United GIFs from the Madrid game

5 Beautiful Manchester United GIF moments from the Real Madrid game

Manchester United came away from the Bernabeau with a valuable away goal and a 1-1 draw in the First Leg of their Last 16 Champions League tie with Real Madrid.
United selected an pretty attacking line up including, as I mentioned in my preview, a start for Danny Welbeck and it was he who gave United the lead, heading home from a corner after 20 minutes. The sight of a local lad who has grown up at the club scoring away in such a big tie is one of real joy.

Former United hero, Ronaldo, levelled the tie with a header of his own before half time. Despite United having to defend, and heroically at times for most parts of the 2nd half they always offered a good attacking threat and could easily have gone away with the win. Robin van Persie had 3 sights at goal and Ryan Giggs choose to take an extra touch when a shooting chance appeared. We mustn’t get greedy though as before the game all we could ask for was to head to the 2nd leg at Old Trafford still in the game with a chance of progression.

There were plenty of moments to enjoy from those in Red, here are my Top 5 GIF moments…

1. David de Gea Save

David de Gea save v Real Madrid GIF

World class saves from this young Keeper are not uncommon on this site. Shot stopping is his strongest asset and this save must rank as his greatest to date. Diving to his left he somehow manages to get fingertips to the ball and push onto the inside of the post. It prevented Real from getting an early lead and huge momentum into what could have been a much worse night for United.

2. Robin van Persie Skill

Robin van Persie skill v Real Madrid. MUFC GIF

Whilst not on the score sheet when he perhaps could have been, his overall play was outstanding. He was able to hold the ball up, link with our midfielder’s as well as offer that constant threat to the Real defence.
This moment of skill sums up the class of the player. Brilliant feet to get away from 2 Madrid players and drive United into an attack.

3. Ryan Giggs Tackle and Skill

Ryan Giggs tackle and skill v Real Madrid GIF

His recent form is testament to the fact the Giggs even featured in this game after a poor spell earlier in the season but he came on and did what was asked. He offered experience and helped United sty clam in possession   This moment late on in the game was class. The fist part was a perfect tackle on the dangerously advancing Mesut Ozil, the second was to trick his way past the next player and eventfully win United a free kick and a late breather.

4. Phil Jones Defending

Phil Jones defending v Real Madrid GIF

Selected to help out defensively, Phil Jones more than justified his inclusion with a battling and effective display in the centre of midfield offering great protection to the defence. His most important moment came in injury time, tracking  the run of Ronaldo into the box, he made 2 crucial touches. The first to block the second the knock the ball away.

5. Phil Jones Pass, Robin van Persie Effort

Phil Jones pass, Van Persie shot GIF

Whilst we didn’t see  much of it on a night when he was not asked to, Phil Jones can offer a threat when bursting forward. This first time pass into Van Persie was brilliant, as was the chest control and low effort by the Dutchman. So close to winning it right at the death.

Which was your favourite moment? Vote in the poll at the bottom of the page and share your choice on Twitter using the Buttons under each GIF.

The Manchester United Goal

Super Super Dan…Super Danny Welbeck!


Bonus United GIFs

Wonderful defending by Phil Jones to throw himself into blocking a Benzema shot

Cool defending by Rio let this pass run through to David de Gea

More great play by RVP finds Kagawa who gives it back. The Dutchman plays a wonderful cross towards Welbeck who is inches away from scoring

Wonderful turn by RVP who then breaks away. Welbeck changes his run for a second just as the pass was played

Unconventional? Yes. Effective? Yes!

Wins the ball, gets it back from Carrick and runs straight at the Real defence

Brilliant defending by Rio to get in front of Ronaldo and clear the cross

Break and pass by Rooney plays in RVP whose shot is well saved onto the bar

The 1 player you would fancy to bury this chance!

Great skill and then determination to keep the ball wins United a late free kick


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