Manchester United vs Burnley – Pogba Bossing, The Special Juan & More!

Well, that didn’t go *exactly* to plan, did it? A bright performance from the Reds went unrewarded due to some great saves from Tom Heaton and some questionable finishing from us. Don’t worry Zlatan, I still love you. BUT WE GOT SOME HELLA GOOD GIFS

Pogba Pinging Balls Around Like He’s… Er… Playing Ping Pong


Right, listen. Paul Pogba is great, he’s just great. The Dab-Meister is starting to find his feet at United, putting in some great performances recently. He put in a passing masterclass against Burnley and definitely, definitely deserved at least one assist. Again, Zlatan, I still love you.

A Beautiful Ball From A Beautiful Man (Inside & Out)


Oh, Juan, you lovely, lovely man. This is one heck of a pass, and it’s a pass you’d really expect Zlatan to score. Again, Zlatan, I still love you. An in-form Zlatan would have dinked that over Tom Heaton quicker than you can say ‘Wow Zlatan is in really bad form, isn’t he? Perhaps we should drop him in favour of Marcus Rashford, stick Anthony Martial and Mkhitaryan on the wings, put Mata behind the striker and win the league by 50 points.’


Tom Heaton Just Refusing To Let Little Juan Score


I hope you’re happy, Tom. You sent little Juan home in a bad mood. His poems are going to be particularly dark this week, which always seems to upset David and Ander… They won’t sleep for weeks now. What a game the Special Juan had, though. The Spaniard completed 100% of his chances and created a whopping seven chances! That’s more than Wayne Rooney has created in the last three seasons (probably.)

PogHimovic Link-up Play


Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic linking up in attack for Manchester United… That sounds like my 2015 PES Career Mode! Except we won the league by 20 points that year and City finished 5th. If we’re basing future transfers off of my PES career modes you’ll be glad to know we sign Antoine Griezemann in 2017.

Paul Pogba, again


We may as well rename ourselves BeautifullyPogba because at the moment 70% of the Gifs are of him! But this is a lovely little move from Poggaz, a little back-flick to take it away from the Burnley defender before a quick, accurate pass to Juan Mata. It’s liquid stuff… But still no goal :(.

Zlatan With The Scissors


The technique for this is fantastic and it’s another fantastic save from Tom Heaton, who after the game claimed that Zlatan’s shot nearly broke his arm. I’m not saying I like it when players get injured but I would be okay with Heaton breaking his arm if it meant we scored past whatever No-Mark they replaced him with.

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