Manchester United vs Swansea – Pogba Madness, Zlatan Passing & More!

Well, that was surprising! After fielding a starting XI which left the majority of United fans angry and confused, we managed a commanding performance and a 3-1 win, albeit, against a poor Swansea side.

Zlatan At His Best


Oh man, when he’s good, he’s good. Like, really flipping good. The Big ole’ Swede has been on a run of poor form but he put in a great performance against Swansea, netting twice in the process. It’s textbook Zlatan here, controlling the ball out of the air and playing a heck of a ball towards Matteo Darmian.

He’s so good at holding onto the ball and distributing it forward to players in better positions, which is something I didn’t really realise until he joined us.

Paul Pogba Being One Of The Best Midfielders In The World


Remember when Paul Pogba had a couple of 6.5/10 games and people lost their minds because United had paid £100 million for ‘some dabs.’… They’re looking more and more silly with each passing game. (Just so we’re clear, I’m completely okay with us paying £100 million for dabs alone.)

Pogba put in a great performance against Swansea, with Michael Carrick’s inclusion allowing Poggaz more attacking freedom. Big Jose should be looking to start Carrick – who had a brilliant game – whenever he’s available.

This is incredible from Pogba, though. The technique is just insane, I have no idea how he keeps the ball down whilst putting that much power on it. Paul Pogba is an elite footballer, and he’s ours.

Zlatan Being Zlatan, Again


Oh Big Zlatz, you are very good when you’re actually playing well, aren’t you? There’s actually some good work from Wayne Rooney – who had a surprisingly good game – before Zlatan’s shot, but I couldn’t fit it all in the GIF. It’s a nice hit from Zlatz, who keeps it low and pokes it through Swansea’s awful, awful defence. Honestly, they were so bad.

If We Played Like This All The Time, We’d Win The League


This is just lovely, lovely football. Quick, intuitive passing which turns defence into attack… It’s the kind of football we should be playing on a consistent basis instead of in short flashes of brilliance… Maybe we’ll get there soon, though.

It’s going to be really, really special when we finally get on the same wavelength as a team.

Just A Lovely Pass


Just a really lovely pass. Could – possibly *should* – have ended in a goal, but Poggaz took it down on his chest a touch too heavy. We forgive you, Paul.

Carrick playing gave Pogba much more freedom to get forward, which improve our performance dramatically. It’s almost as if Paul Pogba plays better with good players around him… Crazy, I know.

Rooney Touch, 60th Minute.

Somebody tweeted me about this touch. I had already noted it down and planned on GIFing it, but this guy called me a dick and claimed I had an anti-Rooney agenda… So that guy can fuck himself, he’s not getting a GIF. I hope you understand and support me in my fight against the ‘haters’.

It’s disappointing because it’s a fantastic touch. But Fuck. That. Guy.


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