Manchester United vs West Ham -Herrera Turn, Mkhi Magic & More!

Isn’t it great when we win? The Ruddy Reds© put in one heck of a performance against West Ham, just a few days after a disappointing draw against them in the League.

Ander Herrera With The Madness


Listen, it’s one minute into the game and our boy Ander Herrera is already spinning players for fun. The Spaniard has been really, really good this season… Like, ‘if Barcelona come in for him I’ll fight Lionel Messi to keep hold of him, good.

Herrera has the ball passed to him and in one motion, he spins, beating the West Ham player and passes the ball to Rooney. It’s pure, unadulterated Ander Herrera at it’s very finest.

Zlatan Goal, Mkhi Magic


So it turns out that Henrikh Mkhitaryan really is incredible, despite only making two starts this season (and being named MOTM in both of them) the Armenian was the best player on the pitch, proving that he really is ready for the Premier League.

It’s a fantastic pass from Rooney – who, again, had a great game – into Mkhitaryan, who backheels it into the path of Zlatan who scores United’s opener within a couple of minutes of the game starting. More goals like this please, lads. GIF magic.

Quick Counter From The Boys


This isn’t exactly the most GIFable moment from the game but I just wanted to show United countering fast… For once. Having the creativity of Mkhi and the pace of Martial completely transforms United’s recently uninspiring attack.

United are definitely starting to move in the right direction under Mourinho. We’re looking faster, more cohesive and we’re creating a hell of a lot more chances; hopefully we can start to put those chances away on a regular basis.

Phil Jones being Phil Jones


Phil Jones really is the gift that keeps on giving. Yeah, sure, Jones has looked surprisingly good since his return from injury and okay, he’s still young and has plenty of time to improve, but he’ll always be goofy gurny face Phil Jones… He’ll never escape that. Seriously, Google him and look at the results.

What you’re seeing in the above GIF is Phil Jones accidentally clearing the ball with the back of his head, honestly, it’s quite the skill. Only Phil Jones could do that.

Zlatan With The Flick


Oh Zlatan, how I love you and all of your audaciousness. Zlatan seems to be finding his scoring boots again, which is welcome news, considering Mourinho has confirmed he’ll be staying at the club for at least another season and a half.

It’s a lovely little back heel to Rooney, who was at the heart of a lot of good play against West Ham. It’s nice to see Rooney starting to hit form again, and I honestly hope he recaptures his form of old and proves me wrong.

I Just Love It When We Score Goals

mufc-vs-westham-martial-gol1A really well worked goal from United, here. We pounced on a West Ham mistake before a lovely back pass from Valencia played it into the path of Mkhitaryan who laid on a perfect ball for Martial to slot home. Mkhitaryan’s vision and creativity really is a site to behold, he’s just so, so good. It’s disappointing that we haven’t got to see more of him so far this season.

It’s brilliant from Valencia, too, who has emerged as one of United’s most important players this season… Who saw that coming?

Please Keep Scoring Goals, United.


Another really, really well worked goal from the Ruddy Reds. Schweinsteiger makes a killer pass to Herrera within a few minutes of coming on and then some great work from the Spaniard makes it easy for Zlatan to slot home.

It’s brilliant from all involved, but especially Ander Herrera, who once again has proved himself invaluable to Jose Mourinho. Please never leave us (me), Ander.



LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE!! He’s so happy to finally get his chance on the pitch. After being forced to train with United’s reserves and left out of the first team squad, it looked like Schweinsteiger would never play for United again, but he’s back on the pitch!! Granted, it probably has something to do with Pogba’s suspension and an injured Fellaini, however, it’s still lovely to see him back in action.

Mourinho stated publicly that he was looking to sell Schweinsteiger, but that didn’t stop the German veteran from trying his best to get back in the team. He was training hard, sitting in the crowd at every United game, waiting patiently for his chance without making his dissatisfaction public and Mourinho was clearly impressed by that.

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