Manchester United vs Watford – Mata Goal, Pogba Skills & More!

Pogba Pass


Oh Pogba, with your passes as accurate as Paul Scholes slogging balls at his pissing teammates.

The Frenchman had a brilliant start to the game and arguably should have had two or three assists, if Zlatan Ibrahimovic remembered how to finish. (Never thought I’d type that, to be honest).

Herrera, Mata… Mkhi 😦 


I had to stop the GIF just before Mkhitaryan’s shot because it just hurts my heart too much to keep watching it.

Mata was SO good against Watford, stretching their defence and dictating the majority of United’s attacking play… However, that didn’t stop him from being subbed off in the 70th minute like clockwork. The Spaniard laid on one HECK of a ball for our midfield Armenian, but Mkhi, well, I don’t want to talk about it.

The Special Juan Strikes Again


He’s good isn’t he, little Juan? Sometimes you’re so focused on his lovely little face and how amazing you bet he smells and you forgot that he’s actually really, really good at football.

I mean sure, you know if he saw you looking sad he’d put his arm around you. And yeah, okay, he’d definitely let you win at PES (he’s a PES man), but more importantly than that, the man knows how to score a goal.


Anthony Martial Touch 


Oh mate… Oh mate, Martial is good,isn’t he? You’d be forgiven for forgetting just how good he is, because, y’know, our manager doesn’t like to play him regularly.

Perhaps Mourinho’s ‘Tough Love’ approach has finally worked and Martial is starting to look good under the Special One. Or maybe Martial has always been ridiculously talented – as he proved last season – and could have been putting in performances like this all season if Mourinho gave him a proper chance.

Oh well, I guess we’ll never know!

Anthony Martiaaaaaaaaal!


Mate mate mate mate mate mate. This is one heck of a finish from the boy Tony. It also features some world class shit-housing from Zlatan, who absolutely 100% knows what he’s doing, the big beautiful bastard.

Are there any moments from the game that you think deserve the Beautifully Red treatment? Leave a comment below!


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