GIFS! MUFC VS Saint-Etienne – Zlatan The King, Pogba Passing & More

We won two games this week!! Okay, it was only Saint Etienne and Blackburn but hot dang does it feel good. It was a great week for United, which resulted in some dirty, dirty GIFS.

The King

mufc saint etienne zlatz.gif

Zlatan has now scored eighteen goals in his last twenty appearances for Manchester United… Not bad for a ‘past it’ striker, right? This particular goal – which came from a poorly defended free kick – wasn’t exactly beautiful, but it got the job done.

Paul Pogba With MORE Lovely Passing 


Anthony Martial Run 


Oh, he’s good. He’s REAL good. Like… peanut butter on toast good. The Frenchman had a great game against Saint Etienne, spinning their defence time and time again. In this GIF he picks up the ball in his own half before driving forward, past Saint Etienne’s entire defence before forcing a save from their Hitman-looking-goalkeeper.

Paul Pogba Is The Best Midfielder In The World


We signed Paul Pogba. We actually signed Paul Pogba… *Louis van Gaal voice*can you believe it?! Here Pogba spins his man before curling an effort just wide of the post.

Valencia With The Wing Wonders


Antonio Valencia is clearly a BeautifullyRed fan, because he’s been trying *really* hard to get amongst the GIFs this season. It’s a lovely bit of play on the wing from my favourite defender-cum-winger who used to play for Wigan.

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