GIFS!! Manchester United vs Blackburn – Youngy Skills, Mkhi Madness & More

We’re through to the next round of the FA Cup! Okay, we have to play Chelsea away in the next round, and okay, our fixture list is looking hella congested but we’re still in EVERY competition! We might *actually* win something this season.

Mkhi MADNESS, Rashford Finish.

output_eCGfO0 (1).gif

Mkhitaryan is tailor-made for Manchester United… Honestly, he just fits us SO well. Watching him play always makes me wonder where we’d be in the League table right now if he’d started every game from the beginning of the season. To be fair, we’d probably still be 6th somehow. He seems to get an assist, a goal, or both, every time he plays. And holy heck does that man know how to play a killer ball.

Oh and obviously Rashford did brilliantly, dropping a shoulder to edge round the keeper and slot it in the back of the net.


output_dThzn5.gifOkay, full disclosure, I LOVE Ashley Young. He’s one of my favourite United players. I love to see him get game time, you can tell he loves the club and he always gives his absolute all, even if he hasn’t played in months.

Youngy had a great game against Blackburn, highlighted by this lovely GIF of Young skinning Derrick Williams. Williams fouled Young afterwards, presumably because he was so embarrassed by this absolute BODYING.

Juan Mata With His Lovely Face


OOOOOFFFFTTT Look at that eyebrow action. What a man Juan Mata is. Hang on… Juan The Man. Yeah, I like that… We’re done here.

Gonna go run myself a bubble bath and watch this GIF for an hour or so.

Pogba Pass, Zlatan Fin


We just brought Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba off the bench to win an FA Cup game against Blackburn and it feels so good. Imagine being one of those Blackburn players? ‘you know what, I feel like we could get something from this game… Who’s that warming up though?… Ah, fuck.’

It’s one hell of a pass from Paul Pogba, who’s been playing balls like that all season, the only difference is Zlatan decided to finish this one.



I live for these moments. United are 2-1 up, Blackburn counter and score a goal, but it’s ruled offside. And in those few moments between the goal going in and it being ruled offside, Owen Coyle is ecstatic… But look at the happiness drain from his face.

Feed me your tears, Owen. They fuel me. I need them.


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